Blade Cisco

Edge Of The Blade

release date: 13-12-2019
catalogue nr.: AOM007
genre: AOR / Melodic Rock

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce all the details of "Edge Of The Blade", official debut album by Italian melodic rockers, Blade Cisco.

Hailing from Italy, Blade Cisco were formed in 2007 after a meeting of a group of friends, sharing the love and common passion for the music of classic AOR/melodic rock acts just like Journey, Foreigner, Night Ranger, Styx, Magnum, Def Leppard and FM. Later the band composed by Andrea "Zanna" Zanini (Vocals, Keyboards), Valerio "Valle" Franchi (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Daniele "Daniel" Carra (Lead Guitar) and Umberto "Gali" Gialdi (Drums) was joined by Michele Luppi (Whitesnake, Vision Divine, Killing Touch, Secret Sphere) who took the bass duties for three years, before of leaving the band and being replaced by Cesare "Cece" FioritiCo-produced, mixed & mastered by Michele Luppi himself, "Edge Of The Blade" shows the talent of the band in capturing the classic melodic rock attitude of legends like JourneyForeigner & Night Ranger. 

"Edge Of The Blade" is scheduled for release on December 13, 2019 via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group. A special personalized edition has been created by Outward Styles in a very limited quantity of 30 copies, and is available exclusively on the label's online shop, Rock Temple. The CD cover art has been designed by Aeglos Art (Wheels Of Fire, Raintimes, Michael Kratz, Alchemy, Firmo), while the CD booklet features introductory liner notes written by Viri AOR

Andrea "Zanna" Zanini: Vocals & Keyboards
Valerio "Valle" Franchi: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Daniele "Daniel" Carra: Lead Guitar
Cesare "Cece" Fioriti: Bass
Umberto "Gali" Gialdi: Drums

01. Memories (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
02. Anything (Without Your Music) (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
03. Foolin' Myself (Lead Vocals: Valerio)
04. Rain Over Me (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
05. Life Is A Lottery (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
06. Edge Of The Blade (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
07. Hungry For Love (Lead Vocals: Valerio)
08. Grey (Lead Vocals: Andrea)
09. Invisible To Me (Lead Vocals: Andrea & Valerio)
10. We Are Still Standing (Lead Vocals: Valerio)
11. My Way (Lead Vocals: Andrea)