Of Poetry And Silent Mastery

release date: 23-07-2021
catalogue nr.: AOM010
genre: Melodic Hard-Rock

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are excited to announce all the details of "Of Poetry And Silent Mastery", new official studio album by Italian rock sensation, Platens. The project is the brainchild of talented vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dario Grillo, who decided to continue the legacy started with the first two albums "Between Two Horizons" (2004) and "Out Of The World" (2014), both enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike.

Dario learnt to play guitar at the age of six, and led by his deep passion for music he entered years later the "Vincenzo Bellini" conservatory in Palermo, to further his technique and music skills. He quickly began playing in local rock bands, and in 1998 he joined the well-known power metal act Thy Majestie, which started to raise a solid fanbase around the world (especially in Japan). After two studio albums and one EP recorded with the band, Dario felt the need of exploring new musical territories with Platens, a new musical rock journey where he plays all the instruments, and where he finally had the chance to show his talent and versatility on more melodic rock oriented paths. The debut album, "Between Two Horizons", was released in 2004 by Frontiers Records.

Among 2004 and 2009 Dario has been very busy in his activity as songwriter, producer and composer: he signed his first publishing deal with Fairwest Music Italia, worked with many Italian talented singers and musicians, wrote some jingles for local TVs, and composed a whole soundtrack for an original Italian movie. At the same time he started the works, with his brother Alex on drums and the talented singer Alessandra Amata, on his new band called Violet Sun, a project heavily influenced by the likes of Soilwork, Nightwish, Prodigy, Evanescence, Kovenant & Lacuna Coil. The debut album, "Loneliness In Supremacy", was released in 2010 by Melodic Rock Records.

Now, after seven years from the release of the second studio album, Platens, is finally back with its strongest effort so far: "Of Poetry And Silent Mastery". The result is a masterful blending of melodic rock sound, AOR oriented melodies and clever heavy influences, all wisely mixed together by Dario's bombastic production work.

Dario says: "'Of Poetry And Silent Mastery' shows my idea of ??what art should represent. We live in frenetic and schizophrenic times where everything is measured on the basis of individual performance. Music seems to have become a competitive discipline, a sort of ring in which to measure one’s artistic skills at the expense of those of others. Everything is competition, demonstration of oneself, starting from the "Talent Shows", where thousands of bands that try to emerge, sponsored by the labels as the new sensations of the moment. The personal ego has repressed and eclipsed the true meaning of music, with the direct consequence of a qualitative crushing downwards. So mediocrity becomes the benchmark of the masses, who no longer know how to distinguish gold from shit. The new album is the natural evolution of 'Out Of The World', both in terms of lyrics and sound. The structures of the songs, however, are simpler and more immediate. The production emphasizes the guitar aspect much more than the orchestral and symphonic one.  So it's a more direct and heavy metal oriented album than its predecessor".

"Of Poetry And Silent Mastery" is scheduled for release on July 23, 2021 via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group. A special personalized edition has been created by Outward Styles in a very limited quantity of 30 copies, and will be available exclusively on the Burning Minds Music Group's official online shop. CD graphics have been designed by Aeglos Art (Wheels Of FireAirbound, Raintimes, Alchemy, Room Experience), while the CD booklet features introductory liner notes written by Pippo "Sbranf" Marino ( A dedicated Japanese release with two additional bonus tracks will be out instead on July 21, 2021 via Marquee/Avalon.

Dario Grillo: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Orchestra Scores
Alex Grillo: Drums & Percussion

Special guests:
Katya Miceli: Vocals on "Winter" & "Close But Far"
Gabriels: Synth Solos on "Conspiracy", "End Of The World" & "Inferno"
Mirko Turchetta: Guitar Solo on "Open Arms"
Dan Logoluso: Guitar Solo on "End Of The World"
Orazio Fontes: Guitar Solo on "Close But Far"
Davide Perruzza: Guitar Solo on "Paralyzed"

01. Conspiracy
02. Wait For Me
03. Easily
04. The Path
05. End Of The World
06. Paralyzed
07. Winter
08. Open Arms
09. Give Or Let Go
10. Where The River Flows
11. Close But Far
12. Fragile (Bonus Track)