Michael Kratz

Live Your Live

release date: 07-12-2018
catalogue nr.: AOM005
genre: AOR / Westcoast

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are excited to annouNce a new deal with Danish westcoast master Michael Kratz, for the release of a special 3CDs digipack combo titled "Live Your LIVE". This gorgeous package contains the first official live recording from the artist, plus the awaited remastered reissue of his hard to find first album "Cross That Line", now available with three exclusive bonus tracks. Recorded live in Denmark in 2017 / 2018, and filmed for TV by DK4, "Live Your LIVE" shares the magic captured by a talented band of established professionals, expertly led by Michael's charismatic presence and unmistakable voice. Brilliantly mixed by Kasper Viinberg and Michael himself @ Kawer Studios, and mastered by Torben Lysholm @ SnakeRock, the 2CDs live set represents a very pleasant experience for the listener, perfectly assembled to recreate the real mood and true emotions of a night to remember. 

Michael says: "I am so proud to be able to share these live recordings with my fans. With an audience. That concert was a dream of mine - a dream to get it on TV, and those dreams came true. After all the hard work of writing, composing, recording, rehearsing… all of the things that a musician loves to do - but also something that can be extremely hard and difficult to be made at your best. To make it all come together. A magical evening it was. I hope that you will enjoy listening to these songs as much as I have enjoyed making them come to live".

Completing the digipack combo is the remastered reissue of Michael's first studio album "Cross That Line", now proposed to the fans with three quality bonus tracks: the unreleased "Evil Rumours", the Christmas single "If This Is Christmas", and the magnificent "Dragging Me Outside" (released digitally last July), which marked the first official studio collaboration between Michael Kratz and his skilled label mates in Art Of Melody MusicMindfeels. "Live Your LIVE" is going to be a great experience for all the fans of classy AOR/Westcoast music, printed in a very limited collectors' editition of 500 copies worldwide. Graphics have been provided by Aeglos Art (Raintimes, Airbound, Room Experience, Firmo), while a special personalized edition have been created appositely by Outward Styles in a very limited quantity of 25 copies. The release is scheduled on December 7, 2018 via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group, with an official release event on December 1, 2018 @ Dedolor Music Headquarter (Rovellasca - CO / ITALY), in occasion of the first "Burning Minds Music Group Party".

DISC 1 - LIVE YOUR LIVE (Live In Denmark 2017)
01. Cross That Line
02. Holding On Again (Anni)
03. Live Your Life
04. Don't You Know
05. Until We're Together
06. Need You To Be Mine
07. Bye Bye
08. Like Father, Like Son
09. Lying
10. Sleeping Mama
DISC 2 - LIVE YOUR LIVE (Live In Denmark 2017)
01. I Don't Know How
02. This Town Is Lost Without You
03. What Did I.. ?
04. Never Take Us Alive
05. Evil Rumours
06. You And I Are Meant To Be
07. Lonely Soldier
08. We All Live In This Nation
09. Hypnotized
DISC 3 - CROSS THAT LINE (2018 Remastered Edition)
01. Cross That Line
02. I Don’t Know How
03. Need You To Be Mine
04. Sleeping Mama
05. Don't You Know
06. Untill We're Together
07. Holding On Again (Anni)
08. Lonely Soldier
09. Hypnotized
10. You And I Are Meant To Be
11. Like Father Like Son
12. Evil Rumours (Bonus track)
13. Dragging Me Outside (feat. Mindfeels - Bonus Track)
14. If This Is Christmas (Bonus Track)