Death Metal act Embryo announces hot details about their new & fourth LP under the name of "A Step Beyond Divinity", due out on October 27th (Spain) and November 24th worldwide. Cover artwork has been created by artist Seth Siro Anton Art Official (SepticFlesh) who created artworks for artists such as Kamelot, Moonspell, Soilwork, Exodus, Noctem, Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, Job For A Cowboy, Decapitated, Vader etc. Combining the most violent Death Metal with atmospheric arrangements Embryo defines their sound as technical but keeping the essence of the Old School.

In words of Embryo:

"This is another step in our evolution. The new album has all the trademarks of Embryo sound: tight rhythms, decadent arrangements, death metal vocals, but introduces some new elements in the songwriting process that make it sound different from what we did so far. The lyrical concept changed too: we decided to focus on the figure of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci choosing some particular events in his life to turn on a spotlight on the man with all his weaknesses and neurosis, showing the frailty of the man opposed to the majesty of the artist. We are all extremely satisfied of the album and confident about its goodness; we keep on working on evolution".

Tracklist as follows:

1. The Same Difference
2. Overwhelming your Disgust
3. Vanguard for the Blind
4. Painting Death
5. Looking for the Divine
6. Solitaria 1519
7. Leonardo
8. The Greatest Plan
9. Bastard of the Brood
10. Mouth of Shame
11. Witness of your Life
12. The Horror Carved

Recorded, mixed and mastered at #DominationStudio by #SimoneMularoni (DGM), produced by Simone Mularoni and #Embryo.
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