After unveiling the cover artwork and the release date of their fourth album "A Step Beyond Divinity", Embryo are releasing the official video for the first single taken from the new album: the song chosen by the band is "The Same Difference". "We opted for "The Same Difference" as first single" - said the band - "because it's a typical Embryo song, it has all our trademarks and it's a sort of "bridge" between our previous album and the evolution we're going through in the new one. The video has been directed by Salvatore Perrone (Fleshgod Apocalypse, DGM, Modern Age Slavery, Parkway Drive, Dillinger Escape Plane and many many more) who already worked with us for almost all our official videos. We provided to him the song and the lyrics, and he created this story about the "obsession" of Leonardo in understanding how the human body works, a priority and an "uncontrolled push" that took him to isolate himself and to ignore everything around him. He was fighting within his soul a war between his principles and his thirst of knowledge, 'cause his endless respect for any form of life (that he always put above everything else) had been overthrown by "the beast" of understanding."

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