Descent Into Maelstrom

The Descent Into Maelstrom project was born in September 2016, when its sole official member Andrea "Maelstrom" Bignardi decided to compose a set of songs following unusual writing styles for heavy metal, like the medieval madrigals. Every part, including drums, was composed by Andrea, who made his bones in some local bands, always trying to find his personal sound. The project's name comes from a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, entitled "A Descent into the Maelstrom", making obvious Andrea's passion for the Gothic literature, which is featured on the album's opening song. The songwriting process for the second album has already begun, requiring a detailed study of music theory and characterized by the typical sounds of the dodecaphony compositional style developed by Arnold Schoenberg in the early 1900. The idea behind this study is to research a more complex and sophisticated sound, trying to cross the borders of the typical "dogmas" of a genre already explored far and wide like heavy metal.

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