It's Not The End

release date: 28-05-2013
catalogue nr.: LOG023
genre: Heavy Rock

No frills, no “recording studio” extras: Badmotorfinger is a live band and its members wanted to recreate that “live” atmosphere on the album. Modern hard’n’heavy, with melodic catchy refrains that get stuck in your head since the very first listening: an incredible mix of technique and emotions. In the album you’ll find easy rock’n’roll lyrics like “Rebel”, “The Fear” and “Loser”, but also lyrics that deal with important subjects such as “Afterlife”, about the human need to believe in something beyond death (inspired by a walk in Brompton Cemetery in London), or “Beginning Of The End”, about the hope that still remains, despite the political decadence that leads the world to an inevitable end. The song “Nightmares” explores the inner fears buried in our subconscious, those fears that bring the mind on the edge of “Inside Insanity”; “No Second Chance” spits out all the rage and disappointment for the “so-called-friends”. The track “Ghost” has evocative lyrics, like “Ride The Storm”, a song that opens a window onto Tesla’s futuristic genius. Last but not least, “Brand New Day”, featuring the amazing voice of Luigi “Sange” Sangermano (Sange:Main:Machine), who’s also the author of the lyrics. About the lyrics, the creative contribution of Viviana “LaViv” Cappelli and her beautiful voice on “Nightmares” and “Afterlife” must be mentioned, like so the contribution of 3 Times Ablazed (Viviana Cappelli, Gianluca Frascari and Luigi Sangermano) on “Loser” and “No Second Chance”.


Alex - Guitar
HeavyRico - Guitar
Il Reverendo - Vocals
Tommy - Bass
Barra - Drums

01. Introduction
02. The Fear
03. Ghost
04. Ride The Storm
05. Loser
06. Nightmares
07. Brand New Day
08. No Second Chance
09. Afterlife
10. Beginning Of The End
11. Rebel
12. Inside Insanity
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll