Goldfish Motel

release date: 27-09-2016
catalogue nr.: LOG038
genre: Modern Rock

Finally we are ready" - said guitarist Max - "Two years after the arrival of Faust on bass and one after the entry of Abba behind the microphone, I can say that the balance is positive, the new work fully represents the synergy of the new line-up. This album is the natural band's evolution reached through our experiences and increased by the new artistic personalities who joined the band. Moreover "Goldfish Motel" reveals a heavier style: while maintaining our trademark we managed to get a stronger and more powerful sound".


Abba - Vocals
Max - Guitar
Spezza - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Faust - Bass
Alex - Drums


01. Walk On Your Face

02. Behind This Fire

03. Obscene

04. Day Of Dawn


06. Burning Down

07. Nothing But A Man

08. Pull The Tail

09. Disaster

10. Tonight

11. Eat Your Gun