Ashes Of Chaos


release date: 30-07-2013
catalogue nr.: LOG026
genre: Prog Metal

The Earth is threatened by a huge meteorite and the worldwide authorities decide to hide themselves in underground shelters to escape a sure extinction, without warning the rest of the population against the impending danger. The protagonist lives in a corrupted world, trying to survive, willing even to kill other human beings to survive the collision. While the word is waiting hopelessly, the protagonist hides himself in a small bunker and survives the meteorite impact. Some time later, looking at a post-apocaliptic landscape, he realizes that his destiny is to be lonely. Hidden in his underground shelter, aware of other people in his same situation somewhere in the world, he tries not to let hope die; however, his true thoughts awaken only when he's asleep: the protagonist will fight against his own subconscious trying to drag him through the abyss of desperation. He has to decide whether to wander eternally in the Circle of Madness until self-destruction or to resist and wake up from sleep and nightmares, to carry forward the hope in a human rebirth.


Alexios Ciancio – Vocals

Mike Crinella – Guitars & Backing vocals

Stefano Galassi – Bass

Francesco Gabrielli – Drums & B acking vocals

Giorgio Gori – Keyboards


01. Ashes Of Chaos

02. Falling

03. Doom

04. Mechanical Rage

05. Atmosfear pt.1 - Abyss Of Consciousness

06. Parallels

07. Novilunio

08. Atmosfear pt.2 – Circle Of Madness

09. Awake

10. Rinascita