We Rise

release date: 18-03-2013
catalogue nr.: LOG021
genre: Classic Metal

In 2013 you can still find bands that don't have the slightest intention to give up to modern metal industry, too much technological and without that biting sound of old raw productions; you can still find people who, after their work, still go playing and having fun with friends in a garage; you can still find people who still wear their favorite leather jacket and don't follow the current fashion, 'cause they're too in love with the 80's. Those years in which metal was made in sweaty basements, in which you could feel the magic when a new album was published. Among those bands, you can find Nightglow for sure. Their debut album "We Rise" confirms that: 8 tracks of solid 80's metal, with the epic element marked by the lyrics and the refrains and the melody strongly highlighted. Sharp riffs, a powerful rhythm section and great vocals are the main ingredients for a true metal album!

Daniele "Abba" Abate - Vocals
Davide "Fantu" Fantuzzi - Bass
Andrea "Moret" Moretti - Guitar
Giulio "GNG" Negrini - Guitar
Marco "Riskio" Romani - Drums


01. We Rise

02. Time Lord

03. Between Heaven & Hell

04. Evil Dust

05. Shine Of Life

06. Dreamland

07. Don't Cry

08. End Of Time