release date: 16-11-2012
catalogue nr.: LOG018
genre: Metal

Formed in 2005, Twintera graduated from the rank of garage band with the 2009 release of its 5-tracks ep, “Demotion”, which saw the then sextet bring to light its original work in its first satisfactory attempt to create a truly personal heavy metal sound. The self-released ep quickly received reviews, including the recognition as “demo of the month” in the June 2012 edition of the prestigious Metal Hammer Magazine. Live shows in promotion of the record allowed Twintera the opportunity and honour to play alongside internationally renowned bands such as Evergrey, Pino Scotto, Vision Divine, White Skull, Adam Bomb, Crematory, Holy Moses, Trick Or Treat and the Metal Gang (which features musicians from iconic Italian metal bands such as Vision Divine, Rhapsody, Sadist, Extrema and Labyrinth). Though the 2011 departure of keyboardist Mateo “Teddy” Bigon reduced the band to a quintet and deprived it of the versatile sound and support of the keys, Bigon’s professionalism and friendship continue to inspire the band to compose great music. For the release of its first full-length album, Twintera has revised its sound and is set to make its real debut. “Lines”, expected to drop in November 2012, is the result of composition without barriers, a combination of the band’s will to have fun creating rock’n’roll and its shared passion for music. Its sounds reflect classic heavy metal, with nuances that are inspired by the most disparate musical genres.


Fabio Merzi - Vocals
Al Pia - Guitar
Simone Zanoni - Guitar
Stefano Fava - Bass
Massimo Bellamoli - Drums


01. 71389
02. By Hand of Justice
03. Where We Land
04. On the Edge of...
05. Oversight (feat. Tom S. Englund - Evergrey)
06. Cool 18
07. Run!
08. Burning Heart
09. Waves
10. Killing Your Feelings
11. Bunch of Motherfuckers