Midnite Sun

Anyone Like Us?

release date: 23-10-2012
catalogue nr.: LOG016
genre: Heavy Rock

Featuring a brand new rhythm section, Midnite Sun present an inspired and dense hard’n’heavy album, equally influenced by shiny 80’s hard rock and modern sounds from the last decade. Fast-paced tracks like “Lost In A Killing Field”, “Mind The Gap” and “Lady Bullet” alternate with more relaxed songs like “Fault” and “Postcards From My Life”, references to the past such as “Right Wrong Way” and the unexpected cover of Roxette’s “The Look”, and new classics like “Inferno” and “Cannibal Love”, already very appreciated by fans during the band’s gigs.


Enrico Sarzi - Vocals
Chris Vicini - Guitar
Willy Nicolini - Guitar
Uncle Sappa - Bass
Mike Galletto - Drums


1. Lost In A Killing Field
2. Mind The Gap
3. Right Wrong Way
4. Inferno
5. Lady Bullet
6. Fault
7. Unbreakable
8. Cannibal Love
9. The Look
10. Postcards From My Life