Dead Girls Don't Say No

release date: 25-02-2011
catalogue nr.: LOG005
genre: Horror Rock

Girls from Earth are easy, but those coming from the underground... they'll never say no! If you have the habit of visiting cemeteries at night, then stay away from the one in Varberg, Sweden, because you might run into these four shady individuals, committed on giving vent to their animal instincts! Scary and weird at the same time, Ragdolls makes its debut with 11 tracks (plus intro and outro) of dark and savage horror punk, mixed with modern metal elements. Ragdolls's direct and biting lyrics are tinged with a subtle black humor which is common in an album like this. Listening to "Dead Girls Don't Say No" is pure fear put into music, a shocking experience that will totally upset all your senses, or maybe just a bad dream from which you beg to wake up and run like hell? You will have the answer on February 25, 2011. Lock up your daughters ... in their coffins!


Vikki Violence - Vocals, Guitar

Damaged L - Lead guitar

Chx Cruzifix - Bass

Broken Bridget - Drums


01. One Foot In The Grave

02. Beautiful Homicide

03. Halloween Night

04. Shut Up And Drink 

05. Shovels

06. Gravediggers Dance

07. Michelle

08. Im A Werewolf

09. House Of Horror

10. Dead Like Me

11. Gruesome For Some