Hollywood Killerz

Dead On Arrival

release date: 11-12-2010
catalogue nr.: LOG004
genre: Glam Punk

"Dead On Arrival" was recorded between march and november 09 at Nr.8 Studios. It contains 13 tracks, unveiling Hollywood Killerz' different sides: from the glam punk attack of “700.000” and “Lovecrash” to the hard-rock-meets-disco-beat of “Over & Over”, from the obscure melodies of “Through The Sand” and “Luxury Depression” to the punky-edged “Our Memories May Be Right” and “Girls ® Dead”, slowing down in the moody “How (Could I)” and “More Than It Hurts You”.


Harry - Vocals

Simo - Guitars

Juri - Guitars

Dome - Bass


01. 700.000

02. Grey Celebrations

03. Luxury Depression 

04. Girs ® Dead

05. How (Could I) Roby - drums

06. Going Down

07. Somewhere Out Of This Mind

08. All Tomorrow's Parties

09. Over And Over

10. Through The Sand

11. Our Memories May Be Right

12. Lovecrash

13. More Than It Hurts You