Bullet For My Generation

release date: 31-10-2010
catalogue nr.: LOG002
genre: Rock 'n' Roll

Dustineyes are back with the third album in their career where their characterizing heavy rock sound becomes even heavier, faster and wilder! In a music business filled with tons of standardized glam bands, Dustineyes are pushing their way through the crowd and are ready to mess up all the big haired-heads and to smear their make-up to the tune of rock and roll! “Bullet For My Generation” is pure energy and attitude set into music, a kick in the teeth to any kind of trends, because rock and roll isn’t one, but a lifestyle branded on your skin, like a tattoo you show until the last day of your life.


Lele - Vocals
Umbo - Guitar & Backing Vocals
P.I.Z. - Bass & Backing Vocals
Serz - Drums

01. Bullet For My Generation
02. Wild 'n Alone
03. Get Away
04. This Is My Ring
05. Bet With Life
06. No Redemption
07. Eyes In The Jar
08. Spinning On My Hell
09. Sick Of You
10. Joe
11. Under The Ash