release date: 28-05-2013
catalogue nr.: LOG022
genre: Horror Rock

Hex's self titled debut album features thirteen tracks of modern, dark and mysterious hard'n'heavy featuring horror-inspired lyrics (voodoo, occult...) and catchy refrains that will get stuck in your head. "The record spins around human folly, madness and wickedness, all packed up and buried in a voodoo-casket. The darker sides of humanity has been an interest for every man, in all times, we bring that into music and performance. Not as satanism, but as voodoo. People often mix these two." says guitarist Jerker Johansson, who strongly highlights this aspect: Hex music is shocking and violent, but not extreme. “The music differs a lot if you compare it with all of my previous bands, Hex is often described by others as quite equal to bands such as Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and so on. It is far from black and death metal. I hope the fans will give it a listen anyway...” says drummer Micke Backelin, cuddling ideally his new creature...the new creature of five Swedish guys who really know how to amaze, scare and keep the listeners petrified in front of the stereo. All the songs for the album were written by Jonas Hygren.


Jonas Hygren - Vocals
Jerker Johansson - Guitar
Jörgen Svärd - Lead Guitar
Micke Backelin - Drums
Timo Hagström - Bass


01. Succubus
02. Little Devil Ride
03. Ave Satani
04. Voodoo Girl
05. Hellbound
06. Intermission
07. 7even
08. Dead Inside
09. Grub Girl
10. Sin Eater
11. Lady Death
12. Spider Baby
13. Haunted Hill