Embryo (CD)

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catalogue nr.: LOG032
genre: Death Metal
release date: 10-02-2015

The new album by the italian killing machine Embryo featuring Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse) behind the drums! Mechanical death metal!


01. An Awkward Attempt

02. The Pursuit Of Silence

03. Manipulate My Consciousness

04. Insane Lucidity

05. The End Of The Beginning

06. Embryo

07. The Touch Of Emptiness

08. The Door To The Abyss

09. My Pounding Void

10. Fragments Of Utopia

11. I Am Pure Hate


Roberto Pasolini - Vocals

Eugenio Sambasile - Guitars
Simone Solla - Keyboards
Nicola Iazzi - Bass
Francesco Paoli - Drums

Embryo - S/T