Party Animals

Light A Fan Cool

release date: 06-05-2014
catalogue nr.: SSR023
genre: Sleaze

The title is a wordplay based on the similarity with an expression from the band’s hometown (Udine) that means “Fuck off!”. The monicker includes all the fundamentals of rock and roll in its most colorful, pompous and sinful form from the 80’s: endless parties, uncontrolled fun, wild sex and alcohol galore. The spokesperson of this provocative lustful scenario is a girl, Andre, whose personality and attitude aren’t second to her male colleagues’ ones. Ten songs of scorching hard rock’n’roll in which Mötley Crüe’s raids, W.A.S.P madness and AC/DC most classic atmospheres relive!


Andre - Lead Vocals
Max - Guitar
Gian - Bass
Ile - Drums


01. Fuck You Baby

02. Damned Road

03. Set Me Free

04. A New Day

05. I Wanna Get It All

06. Hellfire

07. Lace And Spurs

08. Whiskey Sour

09. Party Animals

10. Light A Fan Cool