No Pain No Gain

release date: 17-12-2013
catalogue nr.: SSR021
genre: Sleaze

Nitty-gritty sleaze metal, violent and without future, as people thought back in the 80's. However, this music genre definitely had a future and, 30 years later, the world is still full of bands singing about sex, fun and crazy parties. Bastardogs don't mind being the latest ones to profess their faith in sleaze metal, because they know there will be other bands after them. And then, after all, who cares? “No Pain No Gain” is just the proof, impressed on a CD, of a band's ruggedness and aggressiveness, a group of wild youg guys, four daredevils that parents would never want to find with their daughter. But also the most reckless guys have a heart, when they remember who didn't make it, like Dave Lepard, Crashdïet's leader died in 2006 at only 25, in the song “Edge Of Youth”. References to Crashdïet, Wrathchild and Mötley Crüe are frequent in Bastardogs' songs, but they managed to create their own sound, perfectly expressed in a debut album that features the wild sleazy signature of those who try to change things, even just for 40 minutes. 40 minutes of music, of delirious headbanging that will make your guts shake...


Bonne - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Andy K. - Guitar
Cosme - Bass
Atta - Drums


01. N.U.S.U.

02. Sex Machine

03. Last Night

04. Bad Dogs

05. Drinkin' My Brain Off

06. Snakehead

07. Edge Of Youth

08. The Pit

09. Bite You Down

10. Zombietown