Saturday Overdose

Eat My Dust!

release date: 08-10-2013
catalogue nr.: SSR020
genre: Sleaze

Saturday Overdose was born simply as Overdose in 2007 in Acqui Terme (Alessandria, Italy) from the idea of four school and raiding mates: Bosko Dirty Hack/Enrico Boschiazzo (vocals), Serve The Weedz/Andrea Servetti (guitar), Pana Doctor Gonzo/Andrea Panaro (bass) and Machine Gun Kocks/Filippo Galli (drums). After some unsuccessful performances playing covers at school parties, in 2008 the band split. In 2009, the four friends join their enthusiasm and get back on track, writing their first original song. The moniker becomes Saturday Overdose and it well represents their 80’s- inspired, “party-loving” sound. After several gigs, the band’s skills and songwriting are stepped up and the first demo is released. The band carries on the tour and, in the beginning of 2013, records the EP “Eat My Dust!” at Federico Pennazzato’s Authoma Studios (Hell In The Club, Secret Sphere). This work features five tracks that perfectly combine 80’s-inspired hard rock and modern atmospheres, creating a unique infectious sound, a catchy explosion of melody, and a couple of extremely classy ballads. In March 2013, Micio/Mattia Harris Clarke Marenda and his rhythm guitar turn Saturday Overdose into a five-members band; the pursuit of a label ends soon with a deal inked for Street Symphonies Records. “Eat My Dust!” is scheduled for release in summer.


Enrico “Bosco” Boschiazzo - Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Andrea “Serve” Servetti - Guitars
Andrea “Pana” Panaro - Bass & Backing vocals
Filippo “Kocks” Galli - Drums & Backing vocals


01. Free Bones
02. Don't Care About The Rain
03. Fallin' Apart
04. Anthem For A Dream
05. Fucking Mustang