Seventh Veil

White Trash Attitude

release date: 16-07-2013
catalogue nr.: SSR019
genre: Sleaze

The album, that was recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Recording Studio, improves and refines in a more personal way the hard rock/sleaze of the previous work, without losing its 80's-inspired sound from the Sunset Strip and keeping in mind the recent Scandinavia-based trends. Ten tracks oozing with adrenaline, sweat and dedication, catchy melodies and refrains: a dive into a world full of beautiful girls, fast cars and alcohol a go-go in a joyful and, as you can guess from the title, "white trash" atmosphere: it's only rock'n'roll but... you'll like it!!!


Steven - Lead vocals
Jack - Guitar
Holly - Guitar
Jeff - Bass


01. White Trash Attitude
02. Red Light In Your Eyes
03. No Fear
04. Slimy Snake
05. Dirty Distinctive
06. Nasty Skin
07. Are You Ready To Die?
08. Sister Cigarette
09. Toy Boy
10. L.A. Dream