Stone Orange

The Dreamcatcher

release date: 23-04-2013
catalogue nr.: SSR018
genre: Hard Rock

A four-piece outfit Stone Orange comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia. They play hard rock with melodic touches of the eighties but with modern and fresh production. Their music could be defined as a cross between mainstream rock and harder edged guitar driven sound, bordering to metal. The band was formed in 2003 and the first stable line up was: Marko Erjavec (vocal, guitar), Tomo Jurca (guitar) Andrej Obranovic (drums) and Davorin Kovacic. Because of an extensive touring in their homeland, many media appearances and a series of videos, it took the band four years to record its debut album, which was released in 2007. While promoting the record, the band went through several line-up changes and additions, experimenting also with a keyboard player, but decided to remain a four-piece. The sessions for the new album started in 2011, soon after which new drummer Vid Zgonc joined the band. The album titled “The Dreamcatcher” was produced by the renowned Slovenian producer Dejan Radicevic, and is also the band's first record entirely in English. A video for the first single “Nobody Cares” has been released late in 2012 to promote the new album, scheduled to hit the shelves and download platforms in April 2013. Although the band's influences lie mainly in the heroic age of hard rock, their goal is not to dwell on the past, but to paraphrase and reinvent the best aspects of that era, putting the melody and power back in the music. As the band commented in a recent interview: »The global rock scene still hasn't completely recovered from the blow of the complaining and depressive chords of the nineties, so we're trying to spread the sweet smell of rock n' roll as much as possible. So in a nutshell it could be said that we are still waiting for the next revolution, because it's been darn too long since the last one.«


Marko Erjavec - Vocals, guitar
Tomo Jurca - Guitar
Davorin Kova?i? - Bass, backing vocals
Vid Zgonc - Drums


01. Broken Man

02. I Am (Whatever)

03. Pride And Pain

04. Rockin' & Rollin'

05. It Keeps On Raining

06. Lovetron

07. Scare Me

08. Nobody Cares

09. Whites Of Their Eyes

10. Frozen Sky

11. The Age Of Stars