John Gält

Served Hot

release date: 26-02-2013
catalogue nr.: SSR017
genre: Sleaze

In 2013, a lot was said about glam/sleaze, maybe everything, but there’s still one thing that keeps all the aficionados strongly bound to this genre: the quality. John Gält are young, but they learned perfectly from the great bands of the past and they know that a good sleaze metal needs attitude, passion and a strong talent for the songwriting. Catchy refrains that sound like anthems, great tunes and blasting solos are the basic elements to get a proper sleaze album. “Served Hot” has all these features: American old school hard rock from the 80’s and Scandinavian post Dave Lepard nu-glam blend in a crushing mix! If you dig Crashdïet, Mötley Crüe and Motörhead, you're gonna love this new “umlaut band”!


Ostap Molyavko - Vocals & Guitars

Alexandr Sedov - Bass & Backing Vocals

Sergei Telipko - Drums

Ivan Rybnikov - Guitars


01. JGS

02. Riot Radio

03. (One More) Punk Rock Anthem

04. Undeniable

05. White Widow

06. LZ Is Hot

07. When Nature Calls

08. Burn (Nothing In The End)

09. Bad Brotherhood

10. On The Loose