Easy Trigger


release date: 10-12-2012
catalogue nr.: SSR016
genre: Sleaze

"Bullshit"'s sound is a bastard child of hard rock and sleaze metal, devouring the energetic riffs of the '80s, the rage of the '90s and the nu-glam Swedish scene attitude, and kicking out the next incarnation of wild, melodic and provocative rock 'n' roll. "Bullshit" was recorded by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Studios (Isorella, Brescia, Italy), mixed and mastered by Gianluca "White" Bianco and Cristiano Tommasini (Sin Circus) at Gypsy Studio (Verona, Italy). Sin Circus's singer Cresh contributed as special guest to this album with some backing vocals and singing with Frenky on the crushing title-track.


Frenky - Vocals

Caste - Guitar

Fedry - Guitar

Bona - Bass

Vinco - Drums


01. A Good Night To Kill

02. Hatesphere

03. Sex Sex Sex

04. Apologise

05. Rocket Girl

06. Smokers Die Younger

07. 911

08. The Dreams

09. Bullshit

10. Easy Trigger

11. Route 66

12. Shootin’ In The Fire