Television 60's


release date: 16-07-2012
catalogue nr.: SSR012
genre: Sleaze

Television 60's seem to have their own sound. You can imagine a combination of hard & heavy rock and roll, accompanied by melodic choruses as well as some punk elements. “Celebr-hate” is an amazing mixture of mid-70's hard rock and punk, with some elements recalling Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters and other interesting scan rock bands, all combined in raw, yet melodic songs. Only by taking into consideration the aforementioned artists you can have a clear idea of what you are about to listen to here. Pure energy, released through screaming guitars, a stumping rhythm section and a powerful voice. The second full-length album by these crazy italian rockers flows very easily and offers a nice rocking experience.


Mikki - Bass & Vocals
Frizz - Guitar & backin' vocals
Mark - Guitar

Cioxxx - Drums


01. Bad Behaviours
02. Generation (Again & Again)
03. Don't Call Back
04. Sex Circus
05. Seek Salvation, Find Damnation
06. Get Wasted
07. Messaline
08. Celebr-Hate