Jolly Power

Like An Empty Bottle... Again!

release date: 01-10-2011
catalogue nr.: SSR009
genre: Sleaze

The band starts out in 1988 thanks to a project created by Luchy Chiva (guitar), Bely (bass) and Dynamite XXX (drums); then they are joined by Elia (vocals).  The demo-tape “Like an Empty Bottle” (1994) and the cd “Fashion, Milk and Smokin’ Pills” (1996), recorded with this line-up, let them gain a widespread success both in Italy and abroad; the band has also been included in the american compilation “It’s only Rock’n’Roll but I like it” which includes bands like Vain, Hollywood Teasze and Paradise Alley (1996). During these years The Jolly Power have been followed by a growing number of fans, thanks to the insulting live shows which have brought them to a tour of the north and the centre of Italy and to take part of The 69 Eyes’ tour on December, 1997. At the beginning of 1998 Elia leaves the band due to personal reasons and they spend a whole year looking for someone to replace him until Bely decides to become the leading voice. A new guitarist, Sergy Boy, who perfectly suits the new sound direction of the band, joins them and with this new line up they record “The 7th Crash From Hell” (2000) under Boundless Records label. After numerous concerts and after taking part in the Metallic KO compilation playing Deuce (Kiss), the band comes back to the studio to work on a new album “Taste The Blood Of The Sonic Revolution” released in 2004 under Red Room Records label. After many concerts made in Italy and in the foreign countries to promote the cd, the band decides to stop and rest for a while. On February, 2007 the band returns to the studio with Elia (vocals) and Alex (bass) at Lucky Chiva and Dynamite XXX’s side. They record three previously unreleased tracks, dating back to 1994/96, included in the cd version of “Like An Empty Bottle” which is going to be released in a few months. The 2006 reunion lead up to the making of some concerts and to the production of three new songs that, actually, belong to the period between “Like An Empty Bottle” and “Fashion, Milk and Smokin’ Pills”. In 2009 Elia left the band once more, still looking for a singer who could be the missing piece.   “Like An Empty Bottle... Again!” The album, originally issued as an audiotape in 1994, contains five unpublished bonus tracks, and some fan-filmed video footage.


Elia - Lead & Backin’ Vocals

Lucky Chiva - Lead, Rhythm, Slide, Acoustic Guitars & Backin’ Vocals

Bely - Bass, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar & Backin’ Vocals on “…Like An Empty Bottle”

Max Dynamite - Drums, Percussions & Backin’ Vocals


01. It's Only Your Law

02. If Your Heart Is Closed

03. Rebel Soul

04. Like An Empty Bottle

05. Sixteen

06. Downtown

07. No Room For You

08. Thank You (Goodbye)

09. Beautiful

10. F**k You

11. Smokin' Pills

12. Better Be Alone

13. Take All You Want