Fuel From Hell

Easier Said Then Done

release date: 02-05-2012
catalogue nr.: SSR011
genre: Rock 'n' Roll

With two new memebrs behind the microphone and drums, Fuel From Hell is back on track with renewed enthusiasm and the belief that they can repeat the success of their debut album.They do it with an album more consistent with the sleazy and vintage voice of the new singer Phil Lasher, a more classic 80's rock oriented record, but still melodic and in-your-face! A must-have for fans of Poison, Mötley Crüe, Quireboys and all the bands that used to stride the Sunset Strip in the glory days of glam...


Phil Lasher - Lead Vocals

Dam Littmanen - Guitar & Vocals

Steve Eighteen - Guitar & vocals

Max Velvet - Bass & Vocals

Alex Count - Drums


01. Electrified

02. Poison Whiskey

03. Nowhere In The Night

04. Some Girls

05. Send Me Your Love

06. Anything Goes

07. 17 & Wasted

08. Midnight

09. December '89

10. Bad Jane

11. House Of Love