Reborn In Sleaze: A Tribute To Dave Lepard

release date: 01-10-2011
catalogue nr.: SSR010
genre: Sleaze

“We consider "Rest In Sleaze", besides a fantastic album, a real cornerstone of the new millennium of hard rock music. This work played a fundamental role for the rebirth of glam rock and led the new Scandinavian sleaze wave. On the wake of R.I.S., actually, a lot of glam bands started to come out proposing a kind of music that seemed to have disappeared.  A great part of the merit is due to Dave Lepard, a great musician gone too soon. After funding a glam label, it was natural for us to pay homage to him. We exist also thanks to him and his music.  He showed a great faith in his capabilities and he managed to bring back a lost genre; my favourite one. I feel a true affection and respect for him. I regret not having known him personally but every time that I listen to one of his songs I feel his presence.”  Stefano Gottardi, Street Symphonies Records.

Various Artists


01. Knokk 'Em Down (Midnite Sun)
02. Riot In Everyone (Speed Stroke)
03. Queen Obscene/69 Shots (Skull Daze)
04. Breakin' The Chainz (PeepShow)
05. Needle In Your Eye (Superhorrorfuck)
06. Tikket (Ragdolls)
07. Out Of Line (Cyanide 4)
08. It's a Miracle (DNR)
09. Straight Outta Hell (Hell In The Club)
10. Back On Trakk (Shining Line)
11. Lost Horizons (Blackrain)