Vietcong Pornsürfers

Restless, Young, Hungry And Free

release date: 29-04-2011
catalogue nr.: SSR007
genre: Rock 'n' Roll

Vietcong Pornsürfers is NOT your urine-reeking stereotype punk band that show up way too late in a shot up vehicle, kills 7 anti-state tracks, vomits on stage and thrashes the backstage area. On the other hand, they might very well be the long lost link between great punk and f**king awesome rock n' roll. VCPS are the revoltingly cute, impossibly charming music lads that will have you irritated, pissed off yet impressed - somehow you'll be delighted to introduce them to your daughters! In a nutshell: the four northern Scandinavian boys delivers furious, energetic rock n' roll, oozing of teen hormones. Experiencing Vietcong Pornsürfers live has been described "like having a dirty boot kick you in the groin" - an event giving some sadistic pleasure while some squirm in pain. VCPS know what they want and couldn't care less about what it takes. Time, life, health, sweat, blood? They'll do it anyway, really well.


Tom K - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Teddy - Lead Guitars
W. Affe - Bass
Rackarn - Drums


01. The Flag Is On Fire
02. On Your Own (But Not Alone)
03. Give It All
04. Come Back
05. Getaway Boy
06. Don't Need Your Lies
07. A Song For Jonas
08. Let Me In

09. Cunts Don't Play Guitar (demo)

10. Spanish Rose (demo)