Peep Show

Out For Blood

release date: 10-08-2009
catalogue nr.: SSR004
genre: Sleaze

SAVIOURS OF GLAM METAL If glam metal is ever going to make a Second Coming then bad-boy gutter punks Peep Show will be the new Messiahs. Hailing from the unlikely rock'n'roll Riviera of Livingston, this snake-hipped, skinny-ribbed band of cock rock reprobates are kicking over the traces of dreary suburbia and injecting a high-octane shot of flamboyance and glitz into the flabby backside of a dreary music scene, putting the studs into Scotland's central belt. THE BIRTH Long time buddies Johnny Gunn and Rusty Gill decided to form a band that would deliver raw energy, glamour and danger to a rock scene that otherwise had left them falling asleep. It was time to make a stand... MAKE A STAND! And now, after a series of line-up changes and auditions and an exodus to Edinburgh, the rock'n'roll monster that is Peep Show is unleashed. Introducing Johnny Gunn (Vocals) Rusty Gill (Guitar) Kennii Black (Bass) and Charlie Deville (Drums): the pouting poster bad-boys of the 21st century glam rock revolution. With their aggressive, adrenaline-charged, glittering glam attack, they're the band that Towers of London want to be, a bullet in the head to mundane mainstream mush, exuding a raw authenticity that reaches beyond the poodle-permed posing of the '80s to channel the self-destructive rebel spirits of the New York Dolls and The Stooges. OUT FOR BLOOD Sick and tired of the shoe-gazing, indie twang pop that has saturated the rock scene for so long, it's no wonder the band decided on Out For Blood as the title of their new album. Produced and mixed by Johnny Gunn (with special thanks to Bryan Ramage of Ramage Inc and Crashdiet's Martin Sweet and Peter London – for recording tips), the album is a lusty sucker-punch of rock'n’roll glam, packed tight with larger than life songs that encapsulate in three minute slices of sleazy perfection the band's “full throttle, no half measures” attitude to life. THE ALBUM The title track sees the Murderdolls meet W.A.S.P in a bloody, head-on collision, while 'Turn It Up' is full-on grinding Faster Pussycat touched by the hand of KISS. Live favourite 'The Stand' is a lush melodic anthem that's not a million miles away from Hanoi Rocks, while 'I Want You' could have been penned by Mike Monroe himself. ‘Take The Fall' mixes the stadium oomph of Guns N’ Roses with the raunchy drive of Alice Cooper. Fusing '70s punk rock anarchy with '80s excess, this is a glorious, glittering debut that oozes attitude and energy: as the title track proclaims, no compromise here… SO TURN IT UP! In a moribund music scene cowering in the wake of Radiohead, afraid to turn the volume up in case someone complains, Peep Show stick out like a sore thumb, hitchhiking their way to rock'n'roll glory as they whack the amps up to eleven. Maybe they're not the Messiahs (just very naughty boys) but, miraculously, they're glam to a new generation hungry for something dangerous, sexy and fun. This is rock'n'roll...

Johnny Gunn - Vocals
Rusty Gill - Guitars
Kennii Black - Bass
Charlie DeVille - Drums

01. The Stand
02. Turn It Up
03. Out For Blood
04. Teenage Nightmare
05. Peepshow
06. Nice Night To Die
07. Take The Fall
08. I Want You
09. Until It's Gone
10. Cat Boy