Johnny Burning

Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off!

release date: 26-09-2008
catalogue nr.: SSR001
genre: Sleaze

Johnny Burning’s long awaited first full recording entitled Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off! will be released by Street Symphonies Records on September 26th 2008. The sound of Johnny Burning is a blend of heavy guitars riffs, memorable melodies and hooks to satisfy even the most demanding rock’n’roll fan! This explosive combination truly defines their fresh vision of what sleaze rock is all about. The songs, the personalities and the stage show has an attitude which is 100% real. Some bands are all about appearance and style, but Johnny Burning keeps it simple: straight forward sleaze rock’n’roll… nothing more, nothing less! Rock’n’roll is no clean lifestyle you can wrap around your waist like some D&G classy belt! It's a way of life. These young guys plays music the way it was meant to be played: raw, sexually charged and in your face! With one foot planted deeply in the roots of 80s American hard rock music, and the other foot planted heavily and directly in the tradition of the good old glam rnr, this album is what the rock fans eagerly await since years! Listening to these songs you might feel a sudden need to get drunk, take off your clothes and doin’ all the things your mom shouldn’t know! Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off! is going to appeal to fans of classic Mötley Crüe, Guns n' Roses, Skid Row, Van Halen and Aerosmith… all you expect to hear is exactly what you get! The band keeps on marching in and 2008 will be the year they will spend presenting themselves all around the world with their debut album. It’s time for a new rock and roll era!


Manuel - Vocals
D.B. - Guitars
Niko - Guitars
Cesko - Bass
Rob – Drums


01. Intro
02. Wrong Shape
03. Devil Inside
04. Sassy Lassie Goose
05. Idiota
06. Lost & Found
07. Burning Miracle
08. Time To Rock
09. Shine
10. Rock In The U.S.A.     
11. Turn Down Just To Leave It