Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are proud to announce the signing of Spanish AOR band, Sinestress, for the release of their third studio album "Fear", which was first recorded and released in Spanish under its original title, "Miedo" (Spanish for "Fear").  Sinestress was formed in March, 2009, by a team of skilled, experienced musicians – former Armageddon members, Francisco  José "Kiko" Salgado, Miguel Ángel "Miki" Gala, and several members of the recently dissolved rock band, Abu Simbel. Taking their inspiration from artists ranging from AOR to metal music, they produced three albums, "Sinestress" in 2012, "Phase 2" in 2014, and "Miedo" in 2018.

"Miedo", thanks to its classic AOR approach, caught the attention of Art Of Melody Music's label manager, Stefano Gottardi. Under the supervision of British novelist and Burning Minds Music Group's official partner, Peter Darley, recordings for the English version of the album began during the summer of 2018. This marked the first time Sinestress had ventured outside of Spanish language recordings. "Fear" will be released in December, 2018, via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group. A dedicated Japanese edition will follow in early 2019 on AnderStein Music. More info about tracklist and additional details will be revealed in the forthcoming weeks.
Juan Carlos Garcia "Chimo": Lead & Backing Vocals
Alejandro Penedo: Guitar
Francisco José Salgado "Kiko": Guitar & Backing Vocals
Miki Gala: Keyboards & Backing Vocals
José Castilla: Bass
Diego Belmonte: Drums