Vicolo Inferno

A forbidden love, a fight among noble families to control the feud, an era that wrote its own history with blood. In this scenario, in 1504 AD, an alley in "Forum Cornelii" (Imola, Italy) was theatre of a bloody battle that left a mark in the collective imagination and transformed the name of that narrow pavement in "Vicolo Inferno". 500 years later, even if with different nuances, our modern times preserve the same raw edges and passion in human relationships and an identical game of political power that disorients and confuses people. There is no time to think and breathe, everything travels at exasperated speed and the gap between man and his soul takes the form of an incurable fracture. Only destiny, fate or perhaps simple case, favored the meeting of the two founding members of the band, Igor and Marco. Immediately the rehearsal room became a receptacle where to pour sweat and visceral passion for music, in the form of covers of the biggest bands of the genre. A short time later, the first demo "Fire Coverz" came out to promote their live activity. In 2005, the desire to undertake a brand new musical production and to get involved as songwriters began to emerge. The first four original songs, born from improvised riffs and vocal lines roughed out on an voice recorder, were collected in the demo "Hell's Alley”. The following years, marked by intense live performances, competitions and awards, saw also several line-up changes in the rhythm section that slowed down the project. With Daz on bass joining the line-up, the band got the right propulsion to complete the new original songs included in the band's first full-length album "Hourglass", completed in 2012. A strong and heterogeneous sound, where Hard Rock meets Metal, that highlights individual artistic influences of all the group members, who poured their musical background in the constant search for a new rock trademark. In 2013, the band signed a contract with Logic Il Logic Records and on May 28th “Hourglass” saw the light of the day. In March 2014, the promotional tour for Hourglass continued with 6 gigs in the UK. In 2016, with a brand new line-up including Michele Gollini on drums and Wallace (ex-Showstripsilence) on bass, the band completed the writing and recording processes of its second album “Stray Ideals”.

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