In-Sight - From The Depths

Release date: 21-05-2012

Melodic death metal in full Swedish tradition, nine elegant, violent and powerful tracks. Male and female voices intertwine in an amazing debut album. The first adventure of logic(il)logic in the extreme genre: devastating music!

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Violet Gibson - American Circus

Release date: 24-04-2012

"American Circus" is a hybrid that brings into the sound of Violet Gibson elements belonging to rock and heavy metal, revised in a modern way, with a special attention to details.

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Golden Sextion - The Silicon Age

Release date: 02-04-2012

Powerful and modern hard rock, great backing vocals and a big production! Eleven songs of pure energy and fine melody at the same time so that they will get in your mind and won’t get out anymore! With Fabio Dessi (Arthemis) as vocalist!

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Ratzmataz - Global Revolution

Release date: 02-04-2012

As fast as a sports car, as fun as a ride on a bumper car, Ratzmataz music is a mix of '70s and '80s hard rock elements, but that doesn’t actually sound too much “vintage”, and indeed, looks towards modern hard rock. A “revolutionary” debut album!

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Dr. Freak & Mr. Four - Rock 'N' Roll Brotherhood

Release date: 27-01-2012

"Rock 'N' Roll Brotherhood” shows a new and intimate side of the two musicians from Superhorror(fuck), linked to their former life, experiencing an electro-glam rock trend with forays into pop.

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Absynth Aura - Unbreakable

Release date: 21-10-2011

"Unbreakable” is their debut album offering 11 tracks of pure emotional, atmospheric music. A trip into a new way of making heavy music never experienced before. Close your eyes, and let the magic start...

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The Sovran - No Song For A Non-Generation

Release date: 04-03-2011

Eleven super-vitaminic rock'n'roll pills that remind you of Turbonegro's, Hellacopters' and Gluecifer's style, with a great personality and a malinconic shade.

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Ragdolls - Dead Girls Don't Say No

Release date: 25-02-2011

Scary and weird at the same time, Ragdolls makes its debut with 11 tracks (plus intro and outro) of dark and savage horror punk, mixed with modern metal elements.

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Hollywood Killerz - Dead On Arrival

Release date: 11-12-2010

Hollywood Killerz Debut album, the godfathers of the most famous and long-lived Italian sleaze festival, Glam Attakk, finally available! A mix of glam, punk and rock'n'roll to make you jump up from you chair for a headbanging ... guaranteed!

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Dustineyes - Bullet For My Generation

Release date: 31-10-2010

Ten songs (plus an intro) to sing out loud in front of a bottle of rum! Definitely a highly alcoholic rock'n'roll album!!!

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