Aerodyne - Breaking Free

Release date: 15-12-2017

"Breaking Free" is the first full-length of swedish sleaze rockers Aerodyne, set for release on December 15, 2017 via Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group.

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Enrico Sarzi - Drive Through

Release date: 17-11-2017

Solo debut album by Midnite Sun's frontman Enrico Sarzi, author of a fresh and personal work filled with different but interesting rock styles.

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Viana - St

Release date: 24-03-2017

Amazed by guitar hero Randy Rhoads, Stefano Viana takes up the guitar at age of 16, when the glorious 80's Hard Rock was at its highest splendor. Influenced by artists like Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne and Y&T, Stefano starts recording his first songs in 1996, fascinated by recording process techniques.

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Daniel Gazzoli Project - Night Hunter

Release date: 02-12-2016

Daniel Gazzoli Project is a solo project born from the idea of guitarist/songwriter Daniel Gazzoli. Strongly linked to the 80's sound, Daniel brings forth a Hard Rock debut album with Heavy Metal influences and touches of Blues and Melodic Rock.

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Easy Trigger - Ways Of Perseverance

Release date: 30-09-2016

With new drummer Fabio “Pane” Ferrari (ex Raw Power) joining the band, Easy Trigger's style, groove and writing process has changed with a more professional tendency, thanks to his and new singer Nico's backgrounds. RnR at its best!

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Shining Line - Shining Line

Release date: 30-09-2016

Official reissue of the amazing AOR all-star project with 1 exclsuive bonus track.

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Alchemy - Never Too Late

Release date: 31-05-2016

A dynamic hard rock album with AOR and progressive influences, heavily based on solid drums and bass, catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals, all glued together by orchestral strings and synths.

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John Dallas - Wild Life

Release date: 06-10-2015

Guitar driven 80's hard rock with a modern touch.

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Highway Dream - Wonderful Race

Release date: 23-09-2014

Highway Dream's music is hard as a rock, remembering the best songs of '80s american rock, mixed with fantasy and Italian style!

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Party Animals - Light A Fan Cool

Release date: 06-05-2014

Light A Fan Cool includes all the fundamentals of rock and roll in its most colorful, pompous and sinful form from the 80’s: endless parties, uncontrolled fun, wild sex and alcohol galore.

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