Seventh Veil - White Trash Attitude

Release date: 16-07-2013

Ten kick ass songs to raise hell! 80's hard rock at its best!

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Stone Orange - The Dreamcatcher

Release date: 23-04-2013

Hard rock with melodic touches of the eighties but with modern and fresh production.

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John Gält - Served Hot

Release date: 26-02-2013

Alcohol-driven, four-piece band from Kharkiv, Ukraine, that plays good old hard rock heavily influenced by modern swedish glam/sleaze and a little bit of punk.

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Easy Trigger - Bullshit

Release date: 10-12-2012

Kickass debut album influenced by 80's hard rock and sleaze!

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The Unripes - This Is Not America

Release date: 10-12-2012

Devastating Sleaze-Core! Featuring Axia (from DNR, Last Second Chance), Uncle Sappa (ak.a. Marco Nicoli from Tragodia) and Sevens (a.k.a. Luca Setti from Trick Or Treat).

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Sange:Main:Machine - By Your Side

Release date: 13-11-2012

Melodic Heavy-Rock at its best for all matters. You can find hard hitters song as well great atmosphere and feelings. It includes KISS cover "Creatures of the Night". A must-have!

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Television 60's - Celebr-Hate

Release date: 16-07-2012

Energic, funny and uncommon rock'n'roll, inspired by the Scandinavian sleaze, with refrains that get stuck in your head like chewing gum under your shoes!

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Fuel From Hell - Easier Said Then Done

Release date: 02-05-2012

A must-have for fans of Poison, Mötley Crüe, Quireboys and all the bands that used to stride the Sunset Strip in the glory days of glam...

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The Black Rain - Night Tales

Release date: 11-03-2012

Classic hard rock, full of energy and heart, with a strong melodic component.

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Jolly Power - Like An Empty Bottle... Again!

Release date: 01-10-2011

Re-issue of "Like An Empty Bottle" (1994), previously released only on cassette and now published for the first time on CD, with five unreleased bonus tracks and exclusive videos of one of the biggest Italian cult band of the '90s!

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