Saturday Overdose - Eat My Dust!

Release date: 08-10-2013

“Eat My Dust!” was recorded at Authoma Studios by Federico Pennazzato (Hell In The Club, Secret Sphere) and combines perfectly 80’s-inspired hard rock and modern atmospheres to create a unique, infectious sound.

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Seventh Veil - White Trash Attitude

Release date: 16-07-2013

Ten kick ass songs to raise hell! 80's hard rock at its best!

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Stone Orange - The Dreamcatcher

Release date: 23-04-2013

Hard rock with melodic touches of the eighties but with modern and fresh production.

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John Gält - Served Hot

Release date: 26-02-2013

Alcohol-driven, four-piece band from Kharkiv, Ukraine, that plays good old hard rock heavily influenced by modern swedish glam/sleaze and a little bit of punk.

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Easy Trigger - Bullshit

Release date: 10-12-2012

Kickass debut album influenced by 80's hard rock and sleaze!

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The Unripes - This Is Not America

Release date: 10-12-2012

Devastating Sleaze-Core! Featuring Axia (from DNR, Last Second Chance), Uncle Sappa (ak.a. Marco Nicoli from Tragodia) and Sevens (a.k.a. Luca Setti from Trick Or Treat).

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Sange:Main:Machine - By Your Side

Release date: 13-11-2012

Melodic Heavy-Rock at its best for all matters. You can find hard hitters song as well great atmosphere and feelings. It includes KISS cover "Creatures of the Night". A must-have!

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Television 60's - Celebr-Hate

Release date: 16-07-2012

Energic, funny and uncommon rock'n'roll, inspired by the Scandinavian sleaze, with refrains that get stuck in your head like chewing gum under your shoes!

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Fuel From Hell - Easier Said Then Done

Release date: 02-05-2012

A must-have for fans of Poison, Mötley Crüe, Quireboys and all the bands that used to stride the Sunset Strip in the glory days of glam...

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The Black Rain - Night Tales

Release date: 11-03-2012

Classic hard rock, full of energy and heart, with a strong melodic component.

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