The Loyal Cheaters have just released their debut album, entitled "Long Run... All Dead!", through Dead Beat Records.

Lead by an energized, blazin’ front-woman that gives Joan Jett a run for her money and a backing band that’s undeniably talented and bursting with energy; The Loyal Cheaters "Long Run... All Dead!" showcases an action packed riff-fest that’s pretty hard to ignore. Raised on a steady diet of guitars blazin’ Hard Rock records and fueled by a pension for fuzzy early Glam Rock and the poppier side of late 70’s Punk; The Loyal Cheaters bring the heat on their epic debut album "Long Run... All Dead!". This electric, high-energy Rock ‘n Roll troupe boasts a bullet proof sound that mixes the guitar fire power of AC/DC and Lita Ford with the full-throttle, Action Rock sounds of the Hellacopters, Girlschool, The Donnas and The Runaways. Throw in a kinetic combination of buzzsaw riffs and a phenomenal female lead singer that can really belt it out and The Loyal Cheaters truly shine on their high voltage debut "Long Run... All Dead!"

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01. Winners Never Compromise
02. The Devil Side
03. Me Myself & I
04. Big Time Outlaw
05. Lock Up Your Daughters (Slade cover)
06. No Saturday Nites
07. Money And Shame
08. Drama Queen
09. Surrender (Cheap Trick cover)
10. (Why Should I) Share My Wine

Lena McFrison: Vocals, guitar 
Max Colliva: Guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Manni: Bass, backing vocals
Richie Raggini: Drums