Sneakout Records & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce the release of "Good ‘n’ Evil", title track and second single taken from the sophomore album of the Italian hard ’n’ heavy band Anims

The album is the result of intense work developed in the studio. Francesco Di Nicola (Danger Zone, Crying Steel, Krell), author and co-author of the songs, plays both the bass guitars and guitars; the arrangement and writing of the drum tracks are done by Paolo Caridi (Ellefson-Soto, Reb Beach, Geoff Tate, Michele Luppi), a professional with international experience with whom Francesco Di Nicola has already collaborated on the recent "Deserts" album by Krell. The voice is the warm and characterising one of Elle Noir, the winning element of the 2022 debut album "God is a Witness". The diffusion and intensity of the choruses, two pairs of rhythmic guitars that virtualize the presence of two guitarists and the processing of sound, are the elements that give the work a particularly rich setting.

“Good 'n' Evil” contains “Liar” and “Satellite”, two unreleased songs from the time in which Francesco Di Nicola collaborated with Crying Steel in the early 90s: a period without publications for the Bolognese group despite their constant presence in the metal scene. The physical CD features one more track, not present on the digital version: "Victim Of Time", the title track of the album with which Danger Zone officially debuted in 1984 and in whose lineup Francesco Di Nicola was present.

The lyrics of the album, mainly composed by Chiara Mencarelli and integrated by Francesco Di Nicola, co-producers of this album, are of profound spiritual inspiration. As the title “Good 'n' Evil” suggests, the common denominator is the contrast between good and evil and the elevation to victory of the former over the latter. Biblical references are frequent and the reflection of a meeting place between man and man and between man and God are reoccurring.

“Good 'n' Evil”, like the previous album, was also recorded at Pri Studio in Bologna, ItalyRoberto Priori's ability and the musical understanding shared with Francesco Di Nicola resulting from a forty-year friendship, are the ingredients that contributed to the creation of the exact sounds which were envisioned when composing the songs.

“Good ‘n’ Evil” is scheduled to be released on May 31st, 2024.

1. The Cherubims
2. Fear Of The Night
3. Where Were You
4. Satellite
5. Leviathan
6. Dry Bones
7. Liars
8. Lena
9. Victim Of Time (CD exclusive bonus track)
10. Nebuchadnezzar
11. Good'n'Evil

Elle Noir: Lead & Backing Vocals
Francesco Di Nicola: Guitars & Bass Guitar
Paolo Caridi: Drums