Eugenio Sambasile

Eugenio Sambasile, born in Milan on May 31st, 1980, is an Italian guitar player, founding member and leader of death metal band Embryo. Eugenio took up guitar for the first time when he was 12 and has then studied classical guitar privately for over 12 years; at the age of 15, he discovered heavy metal and started studying modern electric guitar, approaching more extreme music genres. He founded Embryo in 2000 and, after some self-produced demos, in 2006 he recorded his first album "Chaotic Age" (Officina Rock Records). In 2009, during the composition process for the second album, his guitar playing style took its shape: "No God Slave" was published in 2010 by Rising Records. After several positive reviews and a great feedback from the fans, he decided to start working on the band's third album and to refine his guitar technique. In 2014 he enrolled for MMI (Modern Music Institute) in Verona, under the supervision of teacher Alex Stornello, obtaining very good results and the certificate needed to teach his own courses. In 2015, the album "Embryo" saw the light via Logic Il Logic Records: it was greatly acclaimed by extreme metal fans and reviewers, and the band was featured in some open-air festivals supporting international acts such as Dream Theater, Behemoth, Helloween, Arch Enemy, Kreator and Annihilator; during its European tour, Embryo shared the stage with artists like Melechesh, Keep Of Kalessin, Nile and Suffocation. In November 2017 "A Step Beyond Divinity" (Art Gates Records), the fourth Embryo album, was released worldwide. Meanwhile, Sambasile opened his own MMI teaching center in Cremona, achieving resounding success right from the start, with more than thirty students signing up for his modern guitar courses. After a few concerts on national territory, in November 2019 he embarked on a new 22-date European tour with Embryo, supporting Immolation and Ragnarok. While working on his band's new album, which will feature world-famous drummer George Kollias behind the drums, whose release is scheduled for spring 2022, he started a solo project. During the pandemic, Sambasile composed some instrumental songs that will be published by Logic Il Logic Records on all digital platforms.

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