Michael Kratz

Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group are glad to announce a renewed deal with Danish westcoast master, Michael Kratz, for the release of his brand new studio album, "TAFKATNO". Following the great feedbacks received by music press and specialized media after the release of his debut solo album "Live Your Life", followed by the special collector's 3CD package "Live Your LIVE", Michael is finally back with another unquestionable AOR/Westcoast  work of art. Michael has had a long and rewarding career in the music business, especially in his home country. Having achieved multiple gold releases as the drummer of mainstream pop act, Kandis, his fanbase grew, thanks to his remarkable skills as a musician, which enables him to play any style of rock music. However, it is in the AOR/Westcoast fields that Michael found his passion burning once again. He decided to take on the demanding role of main vocalist in a brand new step in his artistic career. Inspired by the roots of his favorite music, he has perfectly expressed his most personal and artistic side with his solo releases.  While putting his heart and sound in the writing and recordings of his solo material, Michael was hired to become the new official member of Hula Hula, a very popular band in his home country. Their latest single, "Gå Aldrig Tilbage Til En Fuser", debuted as 1# on the Danish national hit chart, keeping the position for three weeks. Now, three years after the release of his previous solo albums, Michael is back with "TAFKATNO", his brand new official full-lengthIt has been wisely mixed once again by Kasper Viinberg and Kratz himself @ Kawer Studios, and mastered by Torben Lysholm @ SnakeRock. It features an outstanding list of special guests including Christian Warburg (Paul Young), Bruce Gaitsch (King Of Hearts, Madonna, Peter Cetera, Chicago, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Lionville), Torben Lysholm (Pangea, Mysterell, Acacia Avenue), Davide Gilardino & Luca Carlomagno (Mindfeels) and Janey Clewer (Peter Cetera, Bill Champlin, Michael Bolton, Michael Sembello among others). More info about official release date, final tracklist and cover artwork will be revealed in the forthcoming weeks.

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