release date: 06-01-2017
catalogue nr.: LOG042
genre: Death/Thrash

"Finally, after a good debut with "Six•Sexy•Songs" EP, we publish our first full length" - says guitarist Lele Sinatra - "A multifaceted album featuring a solid thrash metal base enriched with death metal influences, metalcore and some more melodic atmoshperes. A unique and never repetitive work, to be proud of".


Fla Sinatra - Vocals

Lele Sinatra - Guitars

Minkio Sinatra - Guitars

Lispio Sinatra - Bass

Pisto Sinatra - Drums


01. Drowned

02. 24/7

03. Cockroach

04. Something To Hate

05. Flow

06. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

07. Los 43

08. Miss Anthropy

09. Back In Frank

10. Blind Fury

11. Spiral Hell