Vicolo Inferno


release date: 28-05-2013
catalogue nr.: LOG025
genre: Hard Rock

Hourglass, ten tracks dealing with the hard separation from the past that keeps us bound to situations that don’t let us live peacefully in the present, dealing with the modern frenzy in everyday life. We seldom take some time on our own to enjoy the moments we experience, we don’t take enough time to think about the things that really matter in life, to think if we have and we do what we really want, or if we go on simply pushed by passiveness. Simple thoughts expressed in music, an explosive mix of hard rock, AOR and modern rock that creates a catchy melodic sound, personal to the core.


Igor Piattesi - Vocals
Marco Campoli - Guitars
Marco "Daz" Dazzani - Bass
Alex "LR" La Sala - Drums


01. Hardesia
02. Hourglass
03. Tombstone
04. Dangerous Dreams
05. In Your Red
06. Cold Moon
07. Hangin' On The Blade
08. Stonering
09. Earthquake
10. Lipstick (bonus track)