Final Solution

Through The Looking Glass

release date: 27-09-2016
catalogue nr.: LOG039
genre: Metal

Through The Looking Glass is a journey inside human consciousness. Everyone, day by day, has to face the darkest part of his soul, tempted by the evil that lies inside, even with simple things or thoughts. If I asked you to take a look at yourself in the mirror, what would you see? Would you see just your face? Your hair? Your eyes? Your soul? Your nemesis? Would you embrace it or would you fight it? The decision is up to you.


Mario Manenti - Vocals

Fabio Pedrali - Guitars

Alessandro Martinelli - Guitars

Gabriele Savoldi - Bass

Gianluca Borlotti - Drums


01. Awakening

02. Sick Of You

03. Demon Inside

04. Empty Walls

05. The Show Is On

06. (R)Evolution

07. Dogs Of War

08. Grey