Forklift Elevator


release date: 17-05-2016
catalogue nr.: LOG037
genre: Groove Metal

"The after-”Borderline” was not an easy time for the band" - says guitarist Mirco Maniero - "The making of this record has followed an unconventional way: we used to play the songs at our concerts, even before the CD was released, so its creation was an arrival point, more than a starting point. “Killerself” on the other hand was planned with the goal to be a more intimate and personal product, we wanted to give the album a precise identity. In this process, the bad luck of the line-up change gave us a shake, and let us take the right direction. We had to restart, with a new vocalist, a new guitar player and a new identity, but it all happened with unexpected ease. The six songs are authentic "punches in the face" exactly as we hoped they were, the band's sound has evolved from a distinctly classical style to something more modern and scratchy. Well, I would say that “Killerself” it's what we are now, and what we have become, similar but different, and still very, very pissed off!".


Stefano Segato - Lead Vocals
Uros Obradovic - Lead Guitar
Mirco Maniero - Rhythm Guitar
Marco Daga - Bass
Andrea Segato - Drums


01. Life Denied

02. Bagger 288

03. The 8th Sin

04. Deception

05. Black Hole

06. I Executor

07. Hidden Side