The Dirty Affair

release date: 05-05-2015
catalogue nr.: LOG034
genre: Prog Metal

Here’s the album track list with a short themes description: 1) Before I Leave: due to the global economic crisis a sad cat comes to a tragic decision... 2) Ebola: a hungry man and his turtle...3) The Dirty Affair (Between Pelican and Bear): it’s not just another silly love song, it's an ode to a different type of beauty. 4) Sneakers: the real story of Roy Sullivan, the Ranger with the gift of immortality. 5) Barabba Son’s Song: Everyone remembers Jesus but nobody talks 'bout Barabba. 6) Quendo: ...and what if a pub in a small town was a gateway to hell? 7) Preludio: Just a moment of peace. 8) Treesome: The recurring nightmare of a young teenager. Just a botany issue?


Pierlorenzo Molinari - vocals
Antonio Manenti - guitars
Alberto Armanini - keyboards
Fabio Bellini - bass
Michele Longhena - drums


01. Before I Leave

02. Ebola

03. The Dirty Affair (Between Pelican And Bear)

04. Sneakers

05. Barabba Son's Song

06. Quendo

07. Preludio

08. Treesome