Dirty Fingers

250 Dollars

release date: 17-03-2015
catalogue nr.: LOG033
genre: Rock 'n' Roll

A mix of Hard Rock, Rock'n'Roll and Heavy Metal combining Metallica energy, Motörhead tipsy bad manners and some gloomy Black Sabbath-inspired passages: the result is “250 Dollars”, the debut album by Verona-based rockers Dirty Fingers. As wild as a fierce animal and as fast as a reckless run on a highway, the album hits the ground running in an emotional surge, a sick heart pounding feelings, an alcohol-soaked sponge squeezed in a raging fist. The perfect sound for an old smoky saloon with cheap strippers, where you can easily imagine Dirty Fingers sitting in a dark corner, holding their instruments and smoking cigarettes, ready to spit out their rough hard Rock'n'Roll while a shameless waitress serves them some more beers...

Gabriel Grisanti - Guitars & Vocals
Riccardo Menini - Guitars
Edoardo Micheloni - Bass
Giorgio Nuzzo - Drums


01. Back To The Move
02. Whiskey
03. Explosive Sound
04. 250 Dollars
05. Black Magic Night
06. Dirty Fingers
07. Heroes' Days
08. I Am
09. Nothingness Dance