Saints Trade

Robbed In Paradise

release date: 10-02-2015
catalogue nr.: LOG030
genre: Hard Rock

11 tracks of pure hard rock recalling the glorious 80's, enhanced by the band's members' different influences but with a strong, unique musical goal. The title “Robbed In Paradise” refers to that annoying feeling you experience when something unexpected happens in a place you consider ideal and safe. The cover artwork shows an angel dropping to the earth, representing the eternal struggle between good and evil inside all of us: every track explores the complexity of human soul, from jealousy to hope for a new love, the desire to escape and disobey, the alienation leading to war, in a simple straightforward way. Recorded at Pri Studio in Bologna under the great Roberto Priori's supervision, the album features several special guests: Priori himself on “The Game”, the talented Swedish Guitar Hero Tommy Denander on “Inside” and Perfect View's skilled keyboardist Pier Mazzini on all the songs. The result is a touching work that sounds heavy and sweet at the same time, honoring the music from the past. Are you ready to “Feel The Fire”?


Santi Libra - Vocals
Claus - Guitars
Matteo Angelini - Bass
Joana - Drums


01. To The Light
02. Feel The Fire
03. Inside
04. Allied
05. Like A Woman
06. California
07. Dreams Running Wild
08. Siria (Dawn Breaks In)
09. Rock 'n' Roll Man
10. Into Your Eyes
11.The Game