Inside The Hole


release date: 17-06-2014
catalogue nr.: LOG028
genre: Rock 'n' Roll

"We self produced our debut album 'Beer! Sex! ... And Fuckin 'Roll’at the end of 2011 "- said the lead singer Roy Zappia -. "Then, at the end of 2013, we met the boys of logic(il)logic and together we decided that some parts of the album had to be improved, such as lyrics and vocals. We stepped in the recording studio and did what was needed. So we changed the title of the album, it was a natural evolution, and now we truly believe that this work is amazing and ready to conquer new fans everywhere." "Impressions" contains ten tracks of bloody and genuine rock'n'roll, with a bluesy touch and an American-style, a sound that the band likes to call "Hard 'n' Blues." Like ten bullets shot in a row, supported by a solid rhythm section (Emanuele Cutrona on bass and Alessio Runfola on drums), and enhanced with a cascade of guitar notes played by the frontman Roy Zappia, whose voice, trained with whiskey and cigarettes, is branded on a record that will hardly be unnoticed.


Roy Zappia - Vocals & Guitar

Emanuele Cutrona - Bass

Alessio Runfola - Drums


01. We’ll Be Free
02. I’ll Fight For Me
03. I Pay For You
04. Woman Blues (A Little Tribute To Buddy Guy)
05. Baby Song
06. Mary, The Dream
07. Love Me Baby!
08. Impressions
09. Beer! Sex! ...And Fuckin’ Roll!
10. Begins The Blues