A Farewell To Gravity

release date: 12-02-2013
catalogue nr.: LOG020
genre: Prog Metal

Hypnotheticall band is born in the winter of 1999 when some musicians and friends, always led through the years by guitarist Giuseppe Zaupa, decide to put together their numerous and heterogeneous musical ideas giving life to a varied type of music, very technical but emotional at the same time. The first result of Hypnotheticall's efforts is "In Need Of A God?", the first 3-track demo-CD of the band, recorded in February 2002. In the meantime, Hypnotheticall starts to perform them on stage. The great critics of the audience push the band and in April 2003 the band records 6 new songs giving birth to "Thorns", Hypnotheticall's second self-produced mini-CD. After a period of two years far from the scene, marked by many changes in Hypnotheticall's musical direction and line-up, the band decides to start his official activity once again, replying on a renewed line-up, including Mirko Marchesini on rhythm and lead guitar, and on a new music proposal which takes inspiration from bands such as Tool, Meshuggah, King Crimson, A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Sieges Even and Pain Of Salvation. With these new, very good assumptions, the band produces and records his master CD "Promo 2006". At the beginning of 2008 the band starts experimenting a brand new sound with a new line-up which includes the bass player Luca Capalbo (ex Gory Blister) and the 2nd drummer Francesco Tresca (now also drummer of Italian heavy metal band Arthemis). The band decides to record the songs written and played live during this period to achieve the first official full-length album "Dead World", published by Polish prog metal label Insanity Records at the end of October 2009. After the success of this discographic deal, two members of the band (the band's first drummer Paolo Veronese & the singer Francesco Dal Barco) decide to leave the band with the aim to experiment other kinds of music. Today the band has found equilibrium and complicity with the young but nonetheless remarkable singer Marco Ciscato and with a new music instrument, keyboard, played by Davide Pretto. With all these novelties, the band's creativity takes place in the second official full-length album, recorded in Italy and mastered in London during the summer 2012, called "A Farewell To Gravity".


Marco Ciscato - Vocals
Mirko Marchesini - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Giuseppe Zaupa - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Davide Pretto - Keyboards & Synth
Luca Capalbo - Bass Guitar
Francesco Tresca - Drums & Percussions


01. From The Universe Beyond

02. Home

03. Drifting Dreamers

04. Let Life Be An Origami

05. Nevro (tic)

06. Brainstorming Line

07. First Draft Of A Life

08. When The Kraken Comes

09. A Farewell To Gravity

10. Crisis

11. Hiranyaloka