Synful Ira

Between Hope and Fear

release date: 22-06-2012
catalogue nr.: LOG013
genre: Symphonic Metal

"Between Hope and Fear" was inspired by a true story. It is a mix of very different sounds: melodic parts with an extensive use of piano and acoustic guitar, symphonic parts with orchestral arrangements and heavy parts with strong guitar arrangements intertwined with very modern and attractive electronic keyboard riffs, in order to follow as a great soundtrack the unfolding of history.


Letizia Chiozzi - Vocals
Fabio Balducci - Guitars
Laura Balducci - Guitars
Emanuele Chiozzi - Bass
Filippo Martignano - Keyboards & Sample
Marco Renzi - Drums


01. Sound Of Life

02. True Lies

03. Behind The Suspect

04. Shining Tracks

05. Revenge Of Mind

06. Inside My Fears

07. My Friend

08. Hope

09. 8.45

10. New Love

11. Fatal Temptation

12. Destiny